Inray Log

The INRAY LOG log x-ray scanner provides internal log scanning in real-time. It is suitable for sorting pine and spruce, and brings added value as raw material use is optimized for purpose and demand. The equipment is compact, low-maintenance, and safe to use. It is highly dependable, and not vulnerable to seasonal variation in its sorting.

Log Scanner features

  • Extensive information on branches
  • Wood part recognition
  • Automatic log quality grading
  • Heartwood measurements
  • Thickness of growth rings
  • Log diameter without bark
  • Foreign object and rot/decay recognition
  • Heartwood lumber strength estimation
  • Sorting parameter discovery simulation

Savings for a multitude of reasons

  • Improves A-logs U/S yields and reduces batch-specific quality variation
  • Finger joint production as part of the end product portfolio necessitates exacting log sorting, which requires internal scanning.
  • Products can be matched with optimal raw materials
  • Constant quality log sorting through the year round the clock
  • Adjustable log sorting according to end product sales
  • A shorter payback period due to better yields from U/S, finger joints, and special products

INRAY LOG - brochure PDF: 3,0MB

More information: Janne Kovanen, +358 44 967 7927,