Inray Fuel

Measuring service

Inray’s portable X-ray scanning equipment, suitable for scanning a diversity of different materials, is compatible with a wide variety of production lines. A twelve-meter conveyor belt is also available, for surveying a range of materials. In addition to imaging, we can analyze data and help with any potential conceptual design needs. We have participated in our clients’ development projects in which we have scanned, e.g., poles, logs, waste and agricultural biomasses.

Operating and maintenance services

Operating and maintenance services include, for example, scheduled maintenance of measuring instruments, 24/7 support, remote system monitoring, software updates, and measurements relating to radiation safety. Using our operating and maintenance services, the client always has access to diligently maintained equipment and the latest software with which to ensure a long service life and high utility.

Quality assurance services

Scheduled comparative measurements, samples, lab analyses and reports are all available for assuring quality measurements. These services can be used to verify your results to officials and partners.

More information: Mika Muinonen, +358 50 3509071,