FUEL VIEWER, connected to Inray’s measurement system, is an analysis and reporting tool. It can be used to monitor fuel quality in real-time as well as to observe loads delivered previously. The easy-to-use and informative software contains a section which helps with daily fuel procurements and planning the procurement. The tool combines real-time fuel quality data with data from the rest of the facility and refines it into a format which is easy to analyse.

Fuel Viewer

Software features:

  • User-friendly Web-based software
  • Real-time “X-ray video”, recording, previous load inspection
  • Alerts, process control
  • Versatile data analysis tools using details per minute
  • Reports to various operational teams: power plant operators, fuel procurement, fuel suppliers
  • Immediate feedback on fuel quality to supplier via text/e-mail.
  • Data easily transferred for further analysis

Potential benefits:

  • Avoid equipment breakdown by foreign objects in the fuel
  • Fuel mix optimization with the help of real-time fuel data
  • Rapid fuel quality improvement through immediate feedback
  • Order planning with real load-specific quality data
  • Choice of supplier made easy

More information: Mika Muinonen, +358 50 3509071, firstname.surname at inray.fi