News from the young athletes sponsored by Inray

Photo Finnish team of the Nordic championships of decathlon and heptathlon

About a year ago, we were looking for sponsored young promising athletes. We received numerous good applications and ended up choosing two, orienteer Vinski Malinen and decathlete Lassi Nalkki. The year has passed quickly and the athletes’ season has had ups and downs.

In May 2022, Vinski achieved his first Finnish Championship medal when he was third in the Finnish Championship sprint in Jyväskylä and was chosen to represent Finland at the European Youth Cup in Germany. There were a lot of competitions, such as Jukola and the autumn championships and the German European Cup competitions.

Vinski commented on the upcoming season as follows: “Winter training has gone well and without any problems. I am just returning to Finland from a ten-day orientation camp in southern Norway. The camp was successful and there were plenty of good terrains. In the spring, the program will include Finnish Championship in Vaasa and a lot of other competitions, which defines whether I can represent Finland in the international competitions. Also there is at least Jukola competition. At the beginning of July, it is planned to compete in Kuhmo. In August, the autumn Finnish Championship starts again, when there are competitions almost every weekend.”

Photo Orientation camp in southern Norway. In the picture Joonas Ahola, Ilari Sulkula, Vinski Malin and Pau Llorens Caellas

After a well-run training season, Lassi suffered an unfortunate injury at the Nordic championships held in June. The condition and results that looked promising were soured right away in the first event, the 100-meter run, by tearing the right hamstring at full speed. Fortunately, acute medical and first aid (SUL) was there and rehabilitation was started on the leg immediately.

Photo First aid for a thigh injury at the Nordic match championships

From the results of the magnetic resonance imaging, it was found that there is a surface tear in the hind thigh, the rehabilitation of which has required time and an operation a couple of months ago. However, Lassi’s eyes are already on the upcoming games: “So far the rehabilitation has progressed well, but of course you can’t know how the leg will behave in the future. The planned time of rehabilitation is that at the end of July, I should already be able to run well, and in the summer already to compete in e.g. in the Finnish championships. The U20 European Championships would also be available, but the time limit for the result limit will probably come too quickly. The plans for the season are still being refined with the coach.”