The FUELCONTROL® system continuously measures the quality of solid fuels, such as moisture and contaminant concentration, utilizing X-ray technology. It replaces sampling based methods and provides a new way to enhance energy production.


  • Moisture variations in fuel hamper the operation of the plants and complicate reliable fuel pricing.
  • Fuel contaminants, such as stones and metals, cause equipment failure in fuel handling systems.
  • Expensive investments in fuel sampling systems that require a lot of manual work and have high maintenance costs.


  • Real-time and fully automatic fuel quality measurement at fuel receiving stage, enabling pay-per-load pricing, removal of impurities and immediate quality feedback to fuel suppliers.
  • Real-time measurement of the fuel mixture before day silos, providing process adjustment and problem management data.


  • Suitable for all solid biofuels
  • Total measurement (not based on sampling), that is, it measures all fuel conveyed
  • Real-time measurement of moisture and contaminant concentration and energy content
  • Fuel type recognition
  • The investment cost of an X-ray measurement system is up to 80% cheaper than an automatic sampling system.
  • Suitable for official measurements (emissions permit, renewable energy subsidy)
  • Can be connected to all modern production control and automation systems
  • Safe electromagnetic radiation source and comprehensive security arrangements