Our measurement technology is based on X-ray scanning, in which the radiation is produced by an electromagnetic radiation source. In the measurement, radiation is directed to the material being measured, such as chips or logs, and the transmitted radiation is measured with a high-resolution sensor. The measurement data from the sensor is used to generate X-ray images to analyse, depending on the material, moisture and contaminant levels in real-time, and to identify foreign objects with a higher density than the material, such as metals and stones.

X-ray measurement is so-called total measurement, that is, it measures all material carried on the conveyor - not just the surface or the sample as competing methods do. X-ray measurement recognizes contaminants and real-time measurement data enables its use in process control.

Over the years, our measurement systems have scanned millions of cubic meters of different materials, performed tens of thousands of benchmarking analyses, and developed software in order to develop the best possible solutions for our customers.

Our largest R&D effort has been the development and demonstration of an optimization system in order to enhance the production of bioenergy power plants in 2016-2018 (OPTIFUEL). The project was funded by the European Commission by approximately EUR 1.2 million. The project was implemented in cooperation with our customers.