Scanning the quality of waste fuels

Waste incineration plants burn municipal solid waste, which is non-hazardous solid waste or refuse collected from residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sources. The target is to reduce the waste volume and produce energy as efficiently as possible.

Inray has tested dozens of different type of solid fuels from biofuels to waste fuels to discover the fuel quality. Recently Inray tested municipal waste fuels scanning. Target was to find out the possibility to measure online impurities such as glass and aluminium from the waste fuel. If these components exists in high concentrations, they cause additional operational and maintenance costs to the power plant. X-ray scanning results shows that it is possible to identify glass and aluminium from the waste fuel despite the fact it is extremely heterogeneous. Accuracy of the detection depends on many factors but even proportional results can be used to improve processes and in giving quality feedback to fuel suppliers.