Inray 10 years with skill, luck and open-mindedness

We wanted to celebrate Inray’s 10th anniversary, so we invited energy sector experts and our customers to a seminar full of business and pleasure. The two-day event attracted a good bunch of people from all over Finland. Janne Kovanen, CEO of Inray, opened the event and told about Inray’s 10 year’s journey full of adventures, challenges, and both good and bad luck. Seminar speaker talked about the fuel sampling challenges, utilizing load-specific fuel quality data in fuel procurement, the impact of fuel quality changes on boiler operation, and the biofuel market situation in Europe. Interesting presentations generated much discussion and reflection.

After daytime program, group set out to experiment with shotgun shooting, despite the frigid and rainy September weather. The best shooters were rewarded with appropriate prizes.

The following morning, a program was in the local power plant, Etelä-Savon Energia. After the production director’s presentation, the visit culminated in fuel sampling and moisture analysis. Each participant took as representative sample as possible of the forest residues pile with a sample device of their choice. Samples were then analysed in laboratory with oven-dry method. After sampling the pile was run through an Inray’s X-ray system and the results of two different methods are combined with the graph below. Two of 11 participant were close to X-ray results and others results were variating more or less. As a consolation, it is important to note that all got correct results according the current wood fuel guidelines. Flametech Oy’s Riku Nurminen got closest result and received as a price a fine new sampling drill.