Busy begining of the year in commissioning

Inray has ongoing delivery projects all over Finland and Denmark. Some of the deliveries are to existing facilities where the project implementation time is quite short. As for the new facilities, the duration of the project is longer, as our part runs on the same schedule as the overall schedule. The original schedules have been updated as the projects have progressed, which has led to the fact that there are many projects at the same stage and at times the resources have been 110% in use. Towards the summer, it starts to get easier when some of the deliveries have already been handed over, but new projects are on the way.

Kaukaan Voima’s FUELCONTROL system was recently taken into production use. In our project in Denmark, the measuring system was handed over, and next we are waiting for the boiler to be finished, so that we can get into production use. In Helsinki and Tampere as well, the implementation of the systems is coming to an end. Vuosaari’s new bioenergy heating plant started up at the end of 2022, and fuel truck traffic has been busy during the cold winter months. The fuel coming through all four reception stations is scanned by two FUELCONTROL systems before screening house. The load-specific measurement data is immediately transferred to the fuel information system. In Tampere’s Naistenlahti, the project has progressed to an uninterrupted test run for the boiler, which means heavy truck traffic there as well. The fuel coming through the second unloading station is already measured by X-ray, and the first station also after the changes to the automation of the line have been completed.

Sometimes you have to choose a slightly faster vehicle.