Inray supplies FUELCONTROL -scanners, cameras and storage model to Loimua power plant

Inray supplies to Loimua Oy’s Vanaja power plant two FUELCONTROL® Scanners, two INRAY® Camera -systems and the patented real-time FUELCONTROL® Storage – model. The systems produce real-time data on the fuel moisture and foreign matter concentrations, and determine load-specific energy contents and improve quality feedback. The fuel storage model utilizes real-time fuel quality data and process data. With it, operators will have more accurate information about the quality of the fuel in the silos, which enables the optimization of the fuel mixture fed to the boiler. The systems will be taken in use in autumn 2023.

Loimua Oy produces district heating and electricity and sells and distributes natural gas. Loimua offers comprehensive and responsible energy solutions and they are the second largest private seller of district heating in Finland.

Vanajan powerplant is Loimua’s largest production unit and the only CHP, or combined electricity and heat production unit. The Vanaja power plant is located in Hämeenlinna, where it produces heat for the residents of the city of Hämeenlinna and electricity for the national grid. The Vanaja power plant has two fluidized bed boilers – a 50 MW steam boiler and a 39 MW hot water boiler. Vanaja uses domestic and renewable fuels as main fuels.

Photo Vanaja power plant © Loimua Oy